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The 10 Best OKC Engagement Photo Locations

Updated: Feb 22

Planning your engagement photo session in Oklahoma City and not sure where to start? Here’s a curated list of the top 10 locations that promise diverse backdrops, a touch of nature, and the essence of the classic OKC scene.

1. Myriad Gardens:

A lush oasis in the heart of downtown, Myriad Gardens offers a mix of botanical beauty and classic OKC vibes. With an array of plants and a central location to other ideal photo spots, it’s perfect for capturing your love against a backdrop of nature and city-scape.

2. Crystal Bridge Conservatory:

Escape to a tropical wonderland, even in the heart of winter. Crystal Bridge Conservatory, nestled in Myriad Gardens, provides a green, year-round setting, making it an excellent choice rain, shine or cold. You do not need a reservation and they are welcome to photographers! Entrance is $10.50 per adult or $7 if you are a student.

You can find more info here

3. Martin Nature Park:

Take a stroll through Martin Nature Park’s walking trails and discover diverse photo opportunities. With a large field, a picturesque pond and free parking, it’s a hidden gem for engagement sessions.

4. Arcadia Lake:

Embrace the beauty of all seasons at Arcadia Lake. From wildflowers in spring to red rocks and diverse landscapes, this location offers a variety of backdrops. With free parking, it’s a picturesque setting for your love story. When you go to Arcadia Lake, there are multiple locations you can visit, but most of them you have to pay for parking and have less photo options. Here is the exact location where you can park for free and walk down to the water!

9000 E Second St, Edmond, Ok For more info check out

5. Steps of Frontline Church Downtown:

Elevate your engagement session with the graceful architecture of the Frontline staircase. This location a touch of sophistication, creating a timeless backdrop for your photos. The steps provide a photogenic backdrop, especially during the golden light of sunset.

6. Parking Garage Next to Frontline:

This parking garage on the west side of Frontline church is a sunset dream, offering a breathtaking view of the Downtown OKC skyline. It is the perfect way to end an engagement session and capture the dreamy golden views of Downtown OKC.

7. Will Rogers Gardens and Conservatory:

With a willow tree, tons of spring colors, diverse landscapes, and a beautiful conservatory offering indoor options, Will Rogers Gardens is a delightful location for engagement photos. The gardens also have free and easy parking and you do not need a permit to capture photos.

8. Wheeler District:

For a whimsical touch, explore the colorful houses and small-town charm of Wheeler District. The Ferris Wheel adds a unique and playful backdrop to your engagement session. If you really want to have some fun, you can even take a ride on the ferris wheel and snap some shots from the very top!

Find more info here –

9. Scissor-tail Park:

Embrace the urban charm of downtown OKC at Scissortail Park. With its central location and diverse photo opportunities, it’s perfect for couples who want a mix of nature and city vibes.

Find more info here –

10. Hefner Lighthouse:

Capture the classic charm of a lighthouse at Lake Hefner. While it can get busy, the view of sailboats and the water adds a touch of romance. Just be prepared for the Oklahoma wind!

Whether you’re drawn to botanical beauty, urban landscapes, or a mix of both, these top 10 engagement photo spots in OKC provide the perfect canvas for telling your unique love story!

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